They do not know that dream is a constant of life so concrete and defined as any other thing, […] They do not know, neither dream, that dream commands life. That whenever a man dreams the world jumps and advances like a colourful ball between the hands of a child.

Excerpt of the poem Philosophal Stone by António Gedeão,
In Perpetual Movement, 1956. Coimbra: Of. Atlântida

This web site presents an academic work where is described the Viability Criterion concept.

The viability criterion harmonizes the creative imagination and objectivity, mediating them by an accomplishment plan.

The work is available in the document Viability as a Special Case of Verifiability and Falsifiability, and was presented in the III Iberian American Congress of Philosophy of Science and Technology that took place in 2010 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

A comparison of the Viability Criterion concept with related concepts is available in the document Viability Criterion: Resemblances and Differences with Related Concepts , and was presented in the 25th International Baltic Conference on the History of Science that took place in 2012 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The description of the criticisms and suggestions made to Viability Criterion are available in the document Viability Criterion: Criticisms and Suggestions , and was presented in the Second Lisbon International Conference on Philosophy of Science: Philosophy of Science in the 21st Century – Challenges and Tasks that took place in 2013 in Lisbon, Portugal.

An example of application of the Viability Criterion is available in the document Viability Criterion and the airship proposed by Bartolomeu Gusmão in 1709 , and was presented in the 6th International Conference of European Society for the History of Science – Communicating Science, Technology and Medicine that took place in 2014 in Lisbon, Portugal.

An interdisciplinary study of viability is available in the document The interdisciplinary study of viability, and was made available in the 1st Annual International Interdisciplinary Conference that took place in 2013 in Azores, Portugal.

My name is Alexandre Coimbra, I am the author of the work, and my curriculum is available for consultation in the document curriculum.

The work about the viability criterion, the contacts I do about it, as well as this web site are a project and personal initiative. They don’t belong neither are done in name of no institution or task force.

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